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Happy Resurrection Day to all! I’ve posted this little rhyme before but it seemed fitting to do so again for the Easter season. I’d love to hear your comments.


I think of Mary Magdalene
And how she must have felt
Seeing Him upon the cross
Over the place where she knelt

Hearing His cries of anguish
When they drove in the nails
Seeing only darkness before her
Where hopelessness prevails

Shattered by His misery
Her broken heart did mourn
As He endured His torment
Forsaken and forlorn

Imagine the pain and sorrow
That ripped through her very being
Unable to fully comprehend
The cruelty she was seeing

And as He suffered, bled and died
She could not contain her grief
Overwhelmed by doubt and fear
Pushing aside her steadfast belief

Blood & water gushed from His side
Darkness fell and the curtain tore
Barely able to live beneath
The sorrow that she bore

But she didn’t understand
That what she witnessed that day
Though unspeakably evil
Had washed her sins away

For by His innocent blood that spilled
The world was now covered in grace
For all who would turn from their sin
And seek His holy face

She waited out the Sabbath Day
Where fear and trembling reigned
Then hurried to His burial place
Just as soon as darkness waned

She cried tears of terrible sadness
As she came near the grave
But for the sake of the others
She tried desperately to be brave

And they could not imagine
Since they were alone
How they could reach His body
For who would move the stone?

And as they neared the place
Where her Savior was laid
The Earth did shake and tremble
And they became afraid

Then as they drew still nearer
They saw the stone was rolled away
But they found the tomb was empty
And they cried out in dismay

Then when they looked again
They were paralyzed with fright
For angels appeared before them
Arrayed in dazzling white

They stared wide-eyed, astounded
At the startling vision
Heard them speak the joyous words
He is not here; He has risen!

They ran back to tell the others
Though they were slow to believe
But Mary knew within her heart
That she need no longer grieve

For Jesus stood before her
Proof that He was alive
And as she fell to worship Him
Her faith began to thrive

And Mary’s legacy lives today
In all who follow her creed
We serve a Risen Savior
And He is risen indeed!

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