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A Tribute to Uncle Buck
He was ornery and lighthearted He gave me my first steer
Full of fun, sass and pluck Together we named him Dandy
Some said his name was Larry He told me hay was his vegetables
But to me he was Uncle Buck And cubes were his candy
He took me to the drive-in movie He raised my first heifer calf
And we ate at the Hilltop Café Then took me to visit my cow
He always started the fires He always knew which one she was
For a picnic on Memorial Day Though I couldn’t figure out how
He hid Easter eggs for us to find I remember him watching TV
Made wood into whatever you’d want Relaxing in the big easy chair
He once gave us a ping-pong table But he could make my steer behave
We found on a treasure hunt Just by shouting “Get in there!”
He made yummy ice cream floats It was always so exciting
With pop from Grandma’s fridge When he would deliver the firewood
Then dug the worms and grubs Unloading it and stacking it high
To take us fishing from the bridge Are memories from my childhood
He named me Cindy Sue Kajimus He had lots of equipment
And he called my Grandpa ‘Pop’ He used to chop his logs
He could carve the wienie sticks It was as much a part of him
And shoot the coon up in the treetop As the ever-present coon dogs
He was good with cattle and wood He told us stories about Mom’s boyfriends
Never minded getting a little dirty Played tricks that were pretty clever
He paid the highest compliment All of us kids knew for a fact
If he said you were ‘fat and purty’ We had the coolest uncle ever
He could make us laugh with just a grin And now he watches over us
Often exclaimed “Aw, shucks!” While enjoying Heaven’s ‘potluck’
No one else had a smile That angel in bib overalls
Quite like Uncle Buck’s That’s my Uncle Buck
Cindy Regnier

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