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REVIEW: Northern Deception by Laurie Wood

by | Nov 26, 2018 | Reviews | 0 comments

Laurie Wood’s debut novel is a MUST READ. Whether you enjoy, suspense, romance, or even polar bears, you will love this book!
Kira studies polar bears and their migration habits, loves her job and is good at it. The research station where she works offers her a wonderful place to ‘hide out’ after a savage attack in her college days left her disillusioned about life and love.
Lukas leads a simple life running a wildlife tour company and caring for his special needs daughter, Sophie. He dated Kira in college, but hasn’t seen her since the night he proposed and she ran away with no explanation.
Now, they are thrown together again when Kira’s brother, also Lukas’ best friend, is killed in an accident that may not be an accident. Attacks on Kira compel Lukas to protect her, but can he keep her safe when their very lives are threatened? And what to do about those old feelings that keep revealing themselves in new ways that are impossible to ignore?
This novel will live on in your thoughts long after that last page gets turned. You may even learn a few things about polar bears that will surprise you! I am eagerly anticipating Ms. Wood’s next novel, certain it will be as thrilling and romantic as Northern Deception.


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