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What I Would Tell You by Liz Tolsma

This was such a great book. It is a story of Jews living in Greece who had to go through the fear and uncertainty of the holocaust. It is a time split, which I really enjoy. Read this book. You wont regret it. cr

REVIEW: Northern Deception by Laurie Wood

Laurie Wood's debut novel is a MUST READ. Whether you enjoy, suspense, romance, or even polar bears, you will love this book!Kira studies polar bears and their migration habits, loves her job and is good at it. The research station where she works offers...

REVIEW: Her Hope Discovered by Cynthia Herron

 The debut novel by Cynthia Herron was fantastic! Her Hope Discovered is indeed a story of hope. Add to that romance, forgiveness and redemption all rolled into the picturesque town of Ruby. I want to live there. Ms. Herron understands, and paints for us...